Where We Work?

We create and support projects that preserve and reviatlize indigenous knoweldge for the sustainability and well-being of communities. We also build a bridge - the opportunity to for all people to learn from the ancestral indigenous wisdom keepers.

Natural Law of Cause & Effect
It is the way of giving and living in reciprocity, consciously supporting each other as a family in the expression of life and as part of all existence.
It is incredible how walking with the llamas among the mountains can teach you a sense of community because one of the principles of the llama’s herd is to stay together and take care of each other.

In 2019 after the events of the Eagle and Condor and Uniting the human family in winnipeg Canada It was possible to raise money for accommodation and travel tickets for the knowledge keepers at the Event Meeting of the guardians of the ancestral wisdom of the four direction held annually in Peru .