In these times where the cosmic process of the Pachakuti Prophecy manifests itself, it tells us about the changes that we are experiencing in our current world. It tells of the return and beginning of the great resurgence of the sacred wisdom kept by the indigenous nations that announces a new golden age.

- Antaurko Patsakamaq -

Welcome to Intimuju

Raising Consciousness through Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom to create a path for Transformation and a Sustainable Future for the Generations to come. In the Inka spiritual path, Inti Muju is the sacred solar seed of consciousness that we all carry within us. This universal knowledge reminds us that we all have the capacity and potential to awaken and transform our consciousness.


Core Mission & Vision
MISSION: Preserve and Revitalize the Knowledge and Wisdom of Indigenous Nations of the World. Sharing the Ancestral Sacred Wisdom for a Positive Relationship Among People and all Life on the Planet. VISSION: Uniting the Consciousness of the Human Family to Restore the Sacred Relationship with our Mother Earth for the Evolution of Humanity and a Sustainable Future for the Generations to Come.

Upcoming Events


Location: Manitoba, Canada
Uniting the Human Family Sacred Gathering lead by Indigenous Nations of Turtle Island and Abya Yala (North, Central, and South America).
Location: Peru
In 2023, the Gathering of Wisdom Keepers from the Four Directions of the world united sacred waters from the Mosna River of the Andes and Ganga (Ganges) River India in the ancient Temple of Chawpin, Ancash - Peru
Location: Worldwide
Raising Consciousness brings together Inspirational Visionaries from Winnipeg and surrounding communities.