The only option is to live and work together harmoniously and keep in our minds the interest of the whole of humanity.

Our Team

Antaurko Patsakamaq - Founder
(Ivan Sotelo Celestino)
Antaurko is a Mallku Inka, Inka Spiritual Master and Mystic Visionary from the Chawpin Quechua Community in Peru. In these times of the Pachakuti Prophecy, a profound realization and vision came to Antaurko Patsakamaq, which led him to found Inti Muju, The love and dedication that he gives to the people and all life on Mother Earth comes from the privilege of living the sacred legacy of his ancestors. Through the offering of Inti Muju, Antaurko brings the Universal Vision to weave the well-being of Indigenous Nations to awaken and evolve the consciousness of humanity.
Paqarina Huanca
(Sonia Astuhuaman Pardave)
Paqarina is an advocate for the rights of indigenous peoples at gatherings all over the world. Paqarina Wanka is a Yachak Warmi, an Andean Medicine Woman that cares for and protects the Pachamama, Mother Earth. Under the spiritual guide of her ancestors, Paqarina has the inherited knowledge and responsibility to honor and protect the earth.
(Rafael Torres Marques)
Mano Mayor Aruhuaco is from the community Gummaku Sierra Nevada, Colombia. He is a hereditary spiritual leader and an ambassador of the Arhuaco Culture and a Member of the Council of Wisdom Keeper of the Four Direction of the World.
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