The only option is to live and work together harmoniously and keep in our minds the interest of the whole of humanity.

Our Team

Antaurko Patsakamaq - Founder
(Ivan Sotelo Celestino)
Inti Muju was founded by Antaurko Patsakamaq (Ivan Sotelo Celestino) Inka Knowledge Keeper and spiritual leader from the Quechua community in Peru. Antaurko’s vision is to share the diversity of universal wisdom of indigenous to awaken consciousness and weave our interrelation as one heart, one people and, one family in the world.
Paqarina Huanca
(Sonia Astuhuaman Pardave)
Paqarina is an advocate for the rights of indigenous peoples at gatherings all over the world. Paqarina Wanka is a Yachak Warmi, an Andean Medicine Woman that cares for and protects the Pachamama, Mother Earth. Under the spiritual guide of her ancestors, Paqarina has the inherited knowledge and responsibility to honor and protect the earth.
Bunkwaney Maku
(Juan Carlos Chaparro)
Bunkwaney is Knowledge Keeper from the Arhuaca indigenous community in Santa Marta - Colombia. He is a hereditary leader and an ambassador of his native community and a member of the Consejo de Guardianes de la Sabiduria Ancestral de las cuatro Direcciones del Mundo (Council of Knowledge Keepers of the Four Directions of the World).
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